Here’s what to know about the plan to ban e-cigarettes in India.

  • The country is moving forward with the ban following negative news coming out of the U.S

  • This includes reports of seven dead after using e-cigarettes.

  • Other concerns include hundreds of people suffering from lung disease that may be connected to the devices.

  • India also argues that e-cigarettes are growing in popularity among youth and want to put an end to that.

  • This will have it introducing an emergency ordinance that will go into law when Parliament next meets.

  • As a result of this, it will become illegal to produce, manufacture, import, export, transport, sell distribute, store, transport or advertise e-cigarettes.

  • Anyone that doesn’t follow these laws can face heavy fines and jail time.

  • This includes shops that currently sell the products.

  • They will be required to hand them over to police to avoid facing those fines and jail time.

  • India bans e-cigarettes news comes despite the country not having much in the way of citizens that actually use the devices.