Labrez hai sharaab-e haqiqat se jaam-e Hind 
Sab falsafi hain khitta-e maghrib ke Ram-e Hind

(The goblet of Hind is brimful with the wine of reality 
All the philosophers of the west are taken in by Ram of Hind)

Zindagi ki rooh thha roohaniyat ki sham thha 
Woh mujassam roop mein insaan ke irfaan thha

(He was the spirit of Life and the candle of spirituality 
In the form of a human he was Knowledge incarnate)

Naqsh-e tehzeeb-e Hunood abhi numaya hai agar
To woh Sita se hai Lachman se hai aur Ram se hai

(If there are any signs of the culture of Hinduism
Then they are because of Sita, Lachman and Ram)

Uska karam shareek hai to gham nahii 
Daamaan-e dasht daaman-e maadar se kam nahii

(If one has His divine blessings one can know no sorrow 
The hem of wilderness is no less than a mother’s hem)

Bahar jo kundli se chaliin dhoka khaa gayii 
Raavan ke chhal mein hai maharani aa gayii

(The moment she stepped out of the circle she was entrapped 
Hai, the queen was beguiled by the deception of Raavan)

Rasm-o-rivaaj-e Ram se aari hain shar-pasand 
Raavan ki nitiyon ke pujari hain shar-pasand

(Those who like evil are bereft of the traditions of Ram 
They are the worshippers of the practices of Raavan)