These computer games enhance your typing speed and accuracy while you play.


The objective of this game is to improve your typing with accuracy. a paragraph is selected and you need to type it out. This para can be a random one or a quote from a book. Letters that are capitalised should be typed the same way. There are two ways of playing this game- at your own pace or enter a race with people around the world.

Typing Ninja

This game helps you type as fast as a ninja moves. In this simple game you need to type out the letters of the alphabet that fall from above. You can choose the speed and gradually increase it as your typing improves. It gives you details about your hits and misses and your accuracy levels. It also mentions the letters that you missed the most.

10 Fast Fingers

This game is similar to the Typeracer. Here, instead of a para or quote,you arevgiven random words to type in less than a minute. Unlike Typeracer, you do not have to type capital letters in capitals. You can takea test on your own or compete with people around the world.

Typing War Master

This game puts to the test not just your speed and accuracy but also your concentration. Words fall from the skies in a bubble and you need to type them out before they hit the ground. The number of words that fall increases gradually as you progress through the game. When you enter, it might look lie a Super Mario game set-up,npbut maintain your focus and type the words as fast as possible.

Typing Karaoke

Typing Karaoke is a fun and musical way to improve your typing speed. A list of songs is given to you. Choose the one you like and type out the lyrics as and when it appears on your screen. Once you are done with a song, you can move to another. This game emphasises more on your typing speed than accuracy.