Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site.This church, located in Old Goa was the capital of Goa during early days of Portuguese rule. The basilica holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

Bom Jesus is the name used for infant Jesus. Construction work in the church began in the year 1594 and was completed in the year 1605.The basilica attracts Christian and Non-Christian alike mostly during the public’s viewing which was last held in 2014.The Holy relics of the saint are shown to the public’s every ten years during the death anniversary of the saint.

It is believed that the body is as fresh as it was on the day it was buried.This church is one of the oldest churches in India. The floor is made with marble and precious stones. The church holds paintings of the life of St. Francis Xavier. The basilica is open to the public everyday.


  • ‘Bom Jesus’ literally means good or Holy Jesus.
  • The saint is said to have miraculous healing powers.
  • The casket containing the saint’s body is made of silver.
  • The Basilica is more than 408 years old.